Growth Track

Learn how to take the next step in your faith


Whether you've been coming to GCC for a few weeks or quite a while, Growth Track events are designed to KICK START your spiritual growth! We'll provide clear and simple on-ramps that will take you farther, faster in your faith. These events will be happening as scheduled (monthly to every other month).

This Growth Track is exactly that...a track for you to get connected and involved here at Gingellville Community Church. 

STAY TUNED HERE for dates of the next Growth Track! Each class is a prerequisite of the next class in order 101-401. If you have a question as to where you are on the Growth Track, CONTACT US.

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The Growth Track Path


CHURCH 101 is designed to help you better understand:  

• God’s desire for you 

• Ways to express your faith

• Why our church exists

• Unique features about our church 

• The purpose of our Ministries

• How you fit into the purposes

• What our church believes  


ESSENTIALS 201 is designed to:

Explore 3 essential habits of every Christian

Understand the 5 spokes of personal growth

Provide an overview of how to connect in a group


DISCOVER 301 is designed to help you:

Learn the 3 circles that make up your purpose

Take assessment tests that will help you find how you're wired & gifted

Discover & Identify your spiritual gifts


TEAMS 401 is designed to:

Learn the benefits of serving alongside others at GCC

Discover all the areas where you can serve

Receive specific next steps to joining a team or possibilities of leadership