FOR Lake Orion

We are FOR Lake here to find out more!

We are FOR Lake Orion because God is FOR Lake Orion!

Many people are more familiar with what the Church is AGAINST rather than what the Church is FOR. At GCC, we are working to be known by what we are FOR.

You want where you live to be a great place to live. We do too! You want this to be a great place to raise kids. We do too! You want businesses to thrive around here. We do too! You want the schools to be great. Wow, we do too! Look how much common ground we have!

We want to make a positive impact in the LO community. We simply want to love people, because God loves people...we want to love YOU because God loves YOU!

Thanks for visiting our site today and finding out a little more about what #FORLO is all about. If you have any questions about #FORLO, questions about God or about GCC...please CLICK HERE and reach out!