List of Sermons in the "Famous Last Words" series:

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03/12/2017 - Father Forgive Them
Speaker: Pastor Josh Yates
 03-12-2017 Last Words - Father Forgive Them.mp3

Sermon Outline:

1. Forgiveness OFFERED 2. Forgiveness RECEIVED 3. Forgiveness GIVEN Bottom Line: The forgiveness of Jesus MOTIVATES us to forgive.

03/19/2017 - A Word of Pardon
Speaker: Pastor Josh Yates
 03-19-2017 Last Words - A Word of Pardon.mp3

Sermon Outline:

03/26/2017 - Woman, Behold Your Son
Speaker: Rodney Sanderson-Smith
 03-26-2017 Last Words -Woman Behold Your Son.mp3

Sermon Outline:

John 19:26-27, 1. Jesus cares for LOVED ONES, 2. Jesus cares for LONELY ONES, 3. Jesus cares for LEFT BEHIND ONES

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