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07/15/2018Pastor Josh YatesAmped VBS - Live Fully Alive07-15-2018 Amped VBS - Live Fully Alive.mp3
07/08/2018Pastor Josh YatesWhen The Devil Knocks - The Destroyer07-08-2018 - When The Devil Knocks - The Destroyer.mp3
07/01/2018Pastor Josh YatesWhen The Devil Knocks - The Accuser07-1-2018 When The Devil Knocks - The Accuser.mp3
06/24/2018Pastor Josh YatesWhen The Devil Knocks The Deceiver06-24-2018 When the Devil knocks The Deceiver.mp3
06/17/2018Pastor Josh YatesPraying Week 4 Who's Will?06-17-2018 Praying Week 4 Whos Will.mp3
06/10/2018Pastor Josh YatesPrayer Week 3 Effective Prayer06-10-2018 Praying Week 3 Effective Prayer.mp3
06/03/2018Pastor Josh YatesPrayer Week 2 Distraction To Glory06-03-2018 Praying Week 2 Distrations To Glory.mp3
05/27/2018Pastor Josh YatesPrayer Week 1 Facetime05-27-2018 Praying Week 1 Faxetime.mp3
05/20/2018Pastor Josh YatesOne Small Step (Week 4) Offering True Life05-20-2018 One Small Step week 4 Offering True Life.mp3
05/13/2018Pastor Josh YatesOne Small Step (week 3) Growing Leads to Sharing05-13-2018 One Small Step week 3 Growing Leads to Sharing.mp3
05/06/2018Pastor Josh YatesOne Small Step (week 2) Do I HAVE to?05-06-2018 One Small Step week 2 Do I HAVE to.mp3
04/29/2018Pastor Josh YatesOne Small Step (week 1) What Has God Done?04-29-2018 One Small Step week 1 What Has God Done.mp3
04/22/2018Pastor Josh YatesI Believe - What Do You Believe (REALLY)04-22-2018 I Believe What do you believe REALLY.mp3
04/15/2018Pastor Josh YatesI Believe - He's Coming Back04-15-2018 I Believe He is coming back.mp3
04/08/2018Pastor Josh YatesI Believe - Flawless04-08-2018 I Believe - Flawless.mp3
04/01/2018Pastor Josh YatesEaster The Power to Change Your Life04-01-2018 Easter The power to change your life.mp3
03/25/2018GuestPalm Sunday03-25-2018 Palm Sunday.mp3
03/18/2018Pastor Josh YatesI Believe - Gods Family03-18-2018 I Believe - Gods Family.mp3
03/11/2018Pastor Josh YatesI Believe - Holy Spirit On the Inside03-11-2018 I Believe - Holy Spirit On the Inside.mp3
03/04/2018Pastor Josh YatesHoly Spirit From the OutsideI Believe03-04-2018 Believe - Holy Spirit From the Outside.mp3
02/25/2018Pastor Josh YatesJudgmentI Believe02-25-2018 Believe Judgment.mp3
02/11/2018Pastor Josh YatesJesus Didn't Stay DeadI Believe02-11-2018 Believe Jesus Didnt Stay Dead.mp3
02/04/2018Pastor Josh YatesGod DiedI Believe02-04-2018 Believe God Died.mp3
01/28/2018Pastor Josh YatesWho is Jesus?I Believe01-28-2018 Believe Who is Jesus.mp3
01/21/2018Pastor Josh YatesGod The Father/CreatorI Believe01-21-2018 Believe God the Father Creator.mp3
01/14/2018Pastor Josh YatesSpecial Effects01-14-2018 Special Effects.mp3
01/07/2018Pastor Tim HubinTaking Risks01-07-2018 Taking Risks.mp3
12/31/2017Dustin McClellanMake Your MarkGuest Speaker12-31-2017 Make your Mark.mp3
12/24/2017Pastor Josh YatesThe Star: A Journey to ChristmasThe Star: A Journey to Christmas12-24-2017 The Star - A Journey to Christmas.mp3
12/17/2017Pastor Josh YatesThe Star: A Journey of PeaceThe Star: A Journey to Christmas12-17-2017 The Star - A Journey of Peace.mp3
12/10/2017Pastor Josh YatesThe Star: A Journey of JoyThe Star: A Journey to Christmas12-10-2017 The Star - A Journey to Christmas.mp3
12/03/2017Pastor Josh YatesThe Star: A Journey of LoveThe Star: A Journey to Christmas12-03-2017 The Star - A Journey of Love.mp3
11/26/2017Pastor Tim HubinThe Star: A Journey of HopeThe Star: A Journey to Christmas11-26-2017 The Star - A Journey to Christmas 1.mp3
11/19/2017Pastor Josh YatesHeartless GodI Want to Believe But...11-19-2017 I Want to Believe But - Heartless God.mp3
11/12/2017Pastor Josh YatesGoosebumps GodI Want to Believe But...11-12-2017 I Want to Believe But - Goosebump God.mp3
11/05/2017Pastor Josh YatesKilljoy GodI Want to Believe But...11-05-2017 I Want to Believe But - Part 2 Kiljoy God.mp3
10/29/2017Pastor Josh YatesOn-Demand GodI Want to Believe But...10-29-2017 I Want to Believe But part 1.mp3
10/22/2017Pastor Josh YatesReach Up10-22-2017 Own The Vision Reach Up.mp3
10/15/2017Pastor Josh YatesReach In, Part 2Own the Vision10-15-2017 Own The Vision - Reach In - Part 2.mp3
10/08/2017Pastor Josh YatesReach InOwn the Vision10-08-2017 Own The Vision Reach In.mp3
10/01/2017Pastor Josh YatesOwn The Vision - Reach Out10-01-2017 Own The Vision Reach Out.mp3
09/24/2017Pastor Josh YatesOwn The VisionOwn the Vision09-24-2017 Own The Vision.mp3
09/24/2017Pastor Josh Yates9-24-2017 Business Meeting09-24-2017 Business Meeting.mp3
09/17/2017Pastor Josh YatesWhy We Come09-17-2017 Why We Come.mp3Video
09/10/2017Pastor Josh YatesWhat's Happening?08-10-2017 What is happening Current events.mp3Video
09/03/2017Pastor Josh YatesGrace RepellantWashed09-03-2017 Washed - Grace Repellant.mp3Video
08/27/2017Pastor Josh YatesWashed... To Be Changed.Washed08-272017 Washed To Be Changed.mp3
08/20/2017Pastor Josh YatesThe Vertical Call08-20-2017 The Vertical Call.mp3
08/13/2017Pastor Tim HubinYouth Mission Sunday08-13-2017 Youth Mission Sunday.mp3
08/06/2017Pastor Daniel SternThe Deposition- Transitions For The Gospel08-06-2017 Transitions For The Gospel.mp3
07/30/2017Pastor Josh YatesBetter Together -Romans Block 5 Week307-30-2017 Romans Block 5 Week3 - Better Together.mp3
07/23/2017Pastor Josh YatesRomans Block 5 Week 2 - Stumble Over Freedom7-23-2017 Romans Block 5 Week 2 - Stumble Over Freedom.mp3
07/09/2017Pastor Josh YatesRomans - McJudgyJudgerson vs McLooksDownTheirNoseman07-09-2017 Romans Block 5 Week 1 McJudgyJudgerson vs McLooksDownTheirNoseman.mp3
07/02/2017Pastor Josh YatesHope for Mental Health - The Battle07-02-2017 Hope for Mental Health - The Battle.mp3
06/25/2017Pastor Josh YatesHope for Mental Health - The Gospel and Mental Health06-25-2017 Hope for Mental Health The Gospel and Mental Health.mp3
06/18/2017Pastor Josh YatesHope for Mental Health - Set Free From Me06-18-2017 Hope for Mental Health Set Free From Me.mp3
06/11/2017Pastor Josh YatesHope for Mental Health - The Role of the Church in Mental Health06-11-2017 Hope for Mental Health Yhe Role of The Church in Mental Health.mp3
05/28/2017Pastor Josh YatesHope for Mental Health - Looking Outward05-28-2017 Hope for Mental Health Looking Outward.mp3
05/21/2017Pastor Josh YatesWinning The Hand You're DealtHope for Mental Health05-21-2017 Hope for Mental Health Winning The Hand You are Dealt.mp3Video
05/14/2017Pastor Josh YatesThe Battle for Your MindHope for Mental Health5-14-2017 Hope for Mental Health - The Battle for Your Mind.mp3Video
05/07/2017Pastor Josh YatesThe Reality ChoiceHope for Mental Health05-07-2017 Hope for Mental Health - The Reality Choice.mp3Video
04/30/2017Pastor Josh YatesWhere Everybody Knows Your NameTwoGather4-30-2017 Two Gather - Where Everybody Knows Your Name.mp3Video
04/23/2017Pastor Josh YatesTwo Gather Heart and Soul04-23-2017 Two Gather Heart and Soul.mp3
04/16/2017Pastor Josh YatesFamous Last Words - A Word of Peace04-16-2017 Last Words - a word of peace.mp3
04/09/2017Pastor Josh YatesLast Words - A Word of Passion04-09-2017 Last Words -A word of passion.mp3
04/02/2017Pastor Josh YatesFamous Last Words - A Word of Abandon04-02-2017 Last Words -A word of abandon.mp3
03/26/2017Rodney Sanderson-SmithWoman, Behold Your SonFamous Last Words03-26-2017 Last Words -Woman Behold Your Son.mp3
03/19/2017Pastor Josh YatesA Word of PardonFamous Last Words03-19-2017 Last Words - A Word of Pardon.mp3
03/12/2017Pastor Josh YatesFather Forgive ThemFamous Last Words03-12-2017 Last Words - Father Forgive Them.mp3
03/05/2017Pastor Josh YatesIt Will HappenDon't Stop03-05-2017 Dont Stop - It Will Happen.mp3
02/26/2017Pastor Josh YatesDont Stop on SixDon't Stop02-26-2017 Dont stop Week 1.mp3
02/19/2017Pastor Josh YatesJim on Life Worth LivingJIM: Life worth living02-19-2017 Life Worth Living - JIM on Life Worth Living.mp3
02/12/2017Pastor Josh YatesJim on PrayerJIM: Life worth living02-12-2017 Life Worth Living - JIM on Prayer.mp3
02/05/2017Pastor Josh YatesJIM on InvestingJIM: Life worth living02-05-2017 Life Worth Living - JIM on Investing.mp3Video
01/29/2017Pastor Josh YatesJIM on God's WillJIM: Life worth living1-29-2017 Life Worth Living - JIM on Gods Will.mp3Video
01/22/2017Pastor Josh YatesJIM on FrenemiesJIM: Life worth living1-22-2017 Life Worth Living - JIM on FRENEMIES.mp3Video
01/15/2017Pastor Josh YatesJIM on WisdomJIM: Life worth living1-15-2017 Life Worth Living - JIM on Wisdom.mp3
01/01/2017Pastor Tim HubinWe Are The Church1-1-2017 We Are The Church.mp3
12/25/2016Pastor Josh YatesThe Gift of Peace12-25-2016 The Gift of Peace.mp3
12/24/2016Pastor Josh YatesGod is with You12-24-2016 God is with You.mp3
12/18/2016Pastor Josh YatesThe Shame of Christmas12-18-2016 The Shame of Christmas.mp3
12/11/2016Pastor Josh YatesJIM on the TongueJIM: Life worth living12-11-2016 Life Worth Living - JIM on The Tongue.mp3
12/04/2016Pastor Josh YatesJIM on Genuine Faith (pt 2)JIM: Life worth living12-04-2016 Life Worth Living - JIM on Faith and Fruit.mp3
11/27/2016Pastor Tim HubinJIM on Genuine FaithJIM: Life worth living11-27-2016 Life Worth Living - JIM on Genuine Faith.mp3Video
11/20/2016Pastor Josh YatesJIM on FavoritismJIM: Life worth living11-20-2016 Life Worth Living - Jim on Favoritism.mp3Video
11/13/2016Pastor Josh YatesJIM Goes ThereJIM: Life worth living11-13-2016 Life Worth Living - JIM Goes There.mp3Video
11/06/2016Pastor Josh YatesJIM on AngerJIM: Life worth living11-6-2016 Life worth Living - Jim on Anger.mp3Video
10/30/2016Pastor Josh YatesJIM on Sin and SalvationJIM: Life worth living10-23-2016 JIM life worth living JIM on Sin and Salvation.mp3Video
10/23/2016Pastor Josh YatesJIM on EducationJIM: Life worth living10-23-2016 JIM life worth living JIM on Education.mp3Video
10/16/2016Pastor Josh YatesLove, Grow, Serve, RepeatDiscipleship Pathway10-16-2015 Discipleship Parhway Love Grow Serve Repeat.mp3Video
10/09/2016Pastor Josh YatesServe Locally and GloballyDiscipleship Pathway10-09-2015 Discipleship Parhway Serving Locally and Globally.mp3Video
09/25/2016Pastor Josh YatesLove God & OthersDiscipleship Pathway9-25-2016 Discipleship Pathway.mp3Video
09/18/2016Pastor Josh YatesNow is the Time of God's Favor9-18-2016 Now is the Time of Gods Favor.mp3Video
09/11/2016Pastor Josh YatesDebt of LoveThe Deposition9-11--2016 Debt of Love.mp3Video
09/04/2016Pastor Josh YatesOrdained AuthorityThe Deposition09-04-2016 Ordained Authority.mp3Video
08/28/2016Josh Yates and Jay FastDiscussion on DiscipleshipGuest Speaker08-28-2016 discussion on discipleship.mp3Video
08/21/2016Pastor Josh Yates"Wuv, Twue Wuv"The Deposition08-21-2016 The deposition wuv twue wuv.mp3Video
08/14/2016Pastor Josh YatesIt Doesn't Matter What You BelieveGod Never Said That08-14-2016 God Never Said That It doesent matter what you believe.mp3Video
08/07/2016Rodney Sanderson-SmithA Church Shaped By GraceThe Deposition08-07-2016 The deposition a church shaped by grace.mp3Video
07/24/2016Pastor Josh YatesIt Doesn't Matter What You DoGod Never Said That7-24-2016 God never said It Doesnt Matter What You Do.mp3Video
07/17/2016Pastor Josh YatesI Can Do All ThingsGod Never Said That7-17-2016 God Never Said You Can Do All Things.mp3Video
07/10/2016Pastor Josh YatesRacism, Justice, and Heartbreak07-10-2015 The human race and relations.mp3Video
07/03/2016Pastor Josh YatesGod Won't Give You More Than You Can HandleGod Never Said That07-3-2016 God Never Said That I wont give you more than you can handle.mp3
06/26/2016Pastor Josh YatesGod Wants You HappyGod Never Said That06-26-2016 God Never Said That I want You to be Happy.mp3
06/19/2016Pastor Josh YatesWhy Do You Doubt?The Counselor06-19-2016 The The Counseler Why Do You Doubt.mp3Video
06/12/2016Pastor Josh YatesDo You Want to Get Well?The Counselor06-12-2016 The Counseler Do You Want to Get Well.mp3
06/05/2016Pastor Josh YatesDo You Believe I Can Do This?The Counselor06-05-2016 The The Counseler Do You Believe I can do this.mp3Video
05/29/2016Pastor Josh YatesWhy Are You So Afraid?The Counselor05-29-2016 The The Counseler Why are you so afraid.mp3Video
05/22/2016Pastor Josh YatesThe Kindness of GodThe Deposition5-22-2016 The Kindness of God Pt III Wk 6.mp3
05/15/2016Pastor Josh YatesFace Up or Freak Out5-15-2016 Face Up or Freak Out.mp3
05/08/2016Pastor Josh YatesGrace Changes...The Deposition5-8-2016 Grace Changes Pt III Wk 5.mp3
05/01/2016Pastor Josh YatesWe Must GoThe Deposition5-1-2016 We Must Go Pt III wk 4.mp3Video
04/24/2016Pastor Josh YatesJust or Unjust?The Deposition04-24-2016 The Deposition Just or unjust.mp3Video
04/17/2016Pastor Josh YatesDo You Know?The Deposition04-17-2016 The Deposition Do You Know.mp3Video
04/10/2016Pastor Rod Sanderson-SmithSmall Group A place for....Guest Speaker04-10-2016 Small groups.mp3Video
04/03/2016Pastor Josh YatesWhat's Important?The Deposition04-03-2016 The Deposition Whats Importand.mp3
03/27/2016Pastor Josh YatesThe Ultimate HopeHope3-27-2015 The Ultimate Hope.mp3
03/27/2016Brian FarstvedtSalvation for All - 4:12 Youth Service3-27-2016 Sunrise Service.mp3
03/20/2016Pastor Josh YatesHopeful (less)Hope3-20-2016 Hopeful.mp3
03/13/2016Pastor Josh YatesActivate Your MissionBe The Message3-13-2016 Acting Your Mission.mp3Video
03/06/2016Pastor Josh YatesDeveloping your CharacterBe The Message03-06-2016 Developing your character.mp3Video
02/28/2016Pastor Josh YatesDiscovering Your PurposeBe The Message02-28-2016 Be the message week 3.mp3Video
02/21/2016Pastor Josh YatesFinding Your VoiceBe The Message02-21-2016 Be the message week 2.mp3
02/14/2016Pastor Josh YatesBe The MessageBe The Message02-14-2016 Be the message week 1.mp3Video
02/07/2016Pastor Josh YatesUnfriendingFriending02-07-2016 Friending3 - Unfriending.mp3Video
01/31/2016Pastor Josh YatesOne Friend/Community AwayFriending1-31-2016 One Friend-Community Away.mp3Video
01/24/2016Pastor Josh YatesThe Foundation of FriendshipFriending1-24-2016 The Foundation of Friendship.mp3Video
01/17/2016Pastor Josh YatesA New ThingExperience God1-17-2016 A New Thing.mp3Video
01/10/2016Pastor Josh YatesExperience PresenceExperience God1-10-2016 Experience Presence.mp3
01/03/2016Dr. David RutledgeNot Just Another StoryGuest Speaker01-02-2016 Not Just Another Story.mp3
12/27/2015Pastor Daniel SternPride and God's planGuest Speaker12-27-15 Pride and Gods plans.mp3
12/20/2015Pastor Josh YatesMary and JosephOur Coming Savior12-20-2015 Our Coming Savior Week 4.mp3Video
12/13/2015Pastor Josh YatesShepherdsOur Coming Savior12-13-2015 Our Coming Savior Week 3.mp3Video
12/06/2015Pastor Josh YatesHerodOur Coming Savior12-06-2015 Our Coming Savior Week 2.mp3Video
11/29/2015Pastor Josh YatesElizabeth & ZechariahOur Coming Savior11-29-2015 Our Coming Savior Week 1.mp3Video
11/22/2015Pastor Josh YatesLiving Thankful11-22-2015 Living Thankful.mp3Video
11/15/2015Pastor Josh YatesI am Less; He is MoreForget You11-15-2015 Forget You Week 2.mp3Video
11/08/2015Pastor Josh YatesBaptism & Message: Forget YouForget You11-08-2015 Forget You Week 1.mp3Video
11/01/2015Pastor Josh YatesA Disciple FastsThe Following11-01-2015 The Following A Disciple Fasts.mp3Video
10/25/2015Pastor Josh YatesA Disciple PraysThe Following10-25-2015 The Following A Disciple Prays.mp3Video
10/18/2015Pastor Josh YatesA Disciple PursuesThe Following10-18-2015 The Following A Disciple Pursues.mp3Video
10/11/2015Pastor Daniel SternA Disciple ServesThe Following10-11-2015 The Following - Our Neighbors.mp3Video
10/04/2015Pastor Josh YatesThe Following- Why Discipleship?The Following10-04-2015 The Following - Why Discipleship.mp3Video
09/27/2015Pastor Josh YatesA Disciple TransformsThe Following09-27-2015 The Following - Transform.mp3Video
09/20/2015Pastor Josh YatesA Disciple Connects to OthersThe Following9-20-2015 A Disciple Commits to Others.mp3Video
09/13/2015Pastor Josh YatesA Disciple ListensThe Following09-13-2015 A Disciple Listens.mp3Video
09/06/2015Pastor Josh YatesThe Weapons of WarfareBurning Questions09-06-2015 burning questions- the weapons of warfare.mp3Video
08/30/2015Pastor Josh YatesOur Adversary08-30-2015 burning questions- our adversary.mp3
08/23/2015Tim StickelWhich Ones?Guest Speaker08-23-2015 Which Ones.mp3Video
08/16/2015Tim StickelServant or SlaveGuest Speaker08-16-2015 Servant or Slave.mp3Video
08/09/2015Pastor Josh YatesI'm Forgiven, But....Burning Questions08-09-2015 Burning Questions Im forgiven but.mp3Video
08/02/2015Pastor Josh YatesIs God Selfish?Burning Questions08-02-2015 Burning Questions Is God Selfish.mp3Video
07/26/2015Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition - God Graciously GivesThe Deposition07-26-2015 the deposition God graciously gives.mp3Video
07/19/2015Pastor Josh YatesEverest VBS7-19-2015 Everest VBS.mp3Video
07/12/2015Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition - Longing for FreedomThe Deposition07-12-2015 Longing for Freedom.mp3Video
07/05/2015Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition - The Mindset of FreedomThe Deposition07-05-2015 The deposition the mindset of freedom.mp3Video
06/28/2015Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition - Outside or Inside?The Deposition06-28-2015 Outside or Inside.mp3Video
06/21/2015Pastor Josh YatesAct Like Men6-21-2015 Act like men.mp3Video
06/14/2015Pastor Daniel SternGet In The Batter's BoxGuest Speaker06-14-2015 Get in the batters box.mp3Video
06/07/2015Pastor Josh YatesFuture Tense06-07-2015 Future Tense.mp3Video
05/31/2015Pastor Josh YatesWho Are We?05-31-2015 Who Are We.mp3Video
05/24/2015Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition - Slaves to What?The Deposition05-24-2015 the deposition Slave to what.mp3Video
05/17/2015Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition- Dead or Alive?The Deposition05-17-2015 the deposition dead or alive.mp3Video
05/10/2015Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition- The Great ContrastThe Deposition05-10-2015 The deposition the great comission.mp3Video
05/03/2015Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition - The Gospel's HopeThe Deposition05-03-2015 The deposition the gospels hope.mp3
04/26/2015Pastor Josh YatesI AM the True VineI AM4-26-2015 I AM the True Vine.mp3Video
04/19/2015Pastor Josh YatesI AM The Way, The Truth, The LifeI AM04-19-2015 I Am the Way Truth Life.mp3Video
04/12/2015Pastor Josh YatesYOU ARE DisciplesI AM04-12-2015 You Are Disciples.mp3Video
04/05/2015Pastor Josh YatesReturn of The King: I AM the Resurrection and the LifeI AM4-5-2015 Return of The King.mp3Video
03/29/2015Pastor Josh YatesI AM The Good ShepherdI AM03-29-2015 I AM the good shepherd.mp3Video
03/22/2015Pastor Josh YatesI AM the DoorI AM3-22-2015 I Am the Door.mp3Video
03/15/2015Pastor Josh YatesI AM the Light of the WorldI AM3-15-2015 I AM the Light of the World.mp3Video
03/08/2015Pastor Josh YatesI AM the Bread of LifeI AM03-08-2015 I AM week 1 The Bread of Life.mp3Video
03/01/2015Pastor Josh YatesWeek 7: Time To Go VerticalVertical Church03-01-2015 Week 7 Time to go vertical.mp3Video
02/22/2015Pastor Josh YatesWeek 6: Unceasing PrayerVertical Church02-22-2015 Unceasing Prayer.mp3Video
02/15/2015Pastor Josh YatesWeek 5: Unafraid WitnessVertical Church02-15-2015 Unafraid Witness.mp3Video
02/08/2015Pastor Josh YatesWeek 4: Unapologetic PreachingVertical Church02-08-2015 Unapologetic Preaching.mp3Video
02/01/2015Pastor Josh YatesWeek 3: Unashamed AdorationVertical Church02-01-2015 Unashamed Adoration- Definiition of worship.mp3Video
01/25/2015Pastor Josh YatesWeek 2: Gods Fulfillment - Epic FailureVertical Church1-25-2015 Gods Fulfillment - Epic Failure.mp3Video
01/18/2015Pastor Josh YatesWeek 1: Our Longing - Gods ProvisionVertical Church1-18-2015 Our Longing - Gods Provision.mp3Video
01/11/2015Pastor Josh YatesDisciple Shift: Vision 20151-11-2015 Disciple Shift Vision 2015a.mp3Video
01/04/2015Pastor Daniel SternGet Closer to God Psalm 77Guest Speaker01-04-2015 Psalm 77 get closer to God.mp3
12/28/2014Pastor JJ SherwoodPerspective from Psalm 73Guest Speaker12-28-2014 Psalm 73.mp3
12/21/2014Pastor Josh YatesLove Came Down (Advent Week 4)Love Came Down12-21-2014 Love Came Down.mp3Video
12/14/2014Pastor Josh YatesJoy Came Down (Advent week 3)Love Came Down12-14-2014 Joy came down.mp3Video
12/07/2014Pastor Josh YatesPeace Came Down (Advent week 2)Love Came Down12-07-2014 Peace Came Down.mp3Video
11/30/2014Pastor Josh YatesHope Came Down (Advent week 1)Love Came Down11-30-2014 Love Came Down Week 1.mp3Video
11/23/2014Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition: The Gospel Vehicle (week 6)The Deposition: A Study in Romans11-23-2014 The Deposition The Gospel Vehicle.mp3Video
11/16/2014Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition: The Gospel: BUT NOW (Week 5)The Deposition: A Study in Romans11-16--2014 The Gospel but now.mp3Video
11/09/2014Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition: The Gospel Shows Our Emptiness (week 4)The Deposition: A Study in Romans11-09-2014 The Gospel shows our emptiness.mp3Video
11/02/2014Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition: The Gospel's Cry (week 3)The Deposition: A Study in Romans11-02-2014 The Gospels Cry.mp3Video
10/26/2014Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition: The Gospel Reveals Wrath (week 2)The Deposition: A Study in Romans10-26-2014 The Gospel Reveals Wrath.mp3Video
10/19/2014Pastor Josh YatesThe Deposition: The Gospel Rescues (week 1)The Deposition: A Study in Romans10-19-2014 The Gospel Rescues.mp3Video
10/12/2014Pastor Josh YatesDream Again- Week 4: JesusDream Again10-12-2014 Embracing Gods Dream - Jesus.mp3Video
10/05/2014Pastor Josh YatesDream Again- Week 3: JosephDream Again10-5-2014 Trusting Gods Plan - Joseph.mp3Video
09/28/2014Pastor Josh YatesDream Again- Week 2: ElishaDream Again09-28-2014 Dream again week two.mp3Video
09/21/2014Missionary Billy ClarkGlobal ChristiansGuest Speaker09-21-2014 Global Christians.mp3Video
09/14/2014Pastor Josh YatesDream Again- Week 1: AbrahamDream Again09-14-2014 Dream agaio week one.mp3Video
09/07/2014Pastors Radobenko and LacyInstallation Service for Pastor JoshGuest Speaker09-07-2014 Pastor installation service.mp3Video
08/31/2014Jason WoolfordJason Woolford from CRIGuest Speaker8-31-2014 Jason Woolford.mp3Video
08/24/2014Daniel SternWhen You Don't Know What You Don't KnowGuest Speaker8-24-2014 When you dont know what you dont know.mp3Video
08/10/2014Dr. Johnson and Michael UngerAre you listening or just hearing me?Guest Speaker08-10-2014 Are you listening or just hearing me.mp3
08/03/2014Tim Stickel"All for Me?"Guest Speaker08-03-2014 All for me.mp3
07/27/2014Tim StickelHow Do We Think About God?Guest Speaker7-27-2014 How Do We Think About God.mp3
07/20/2014Pastor Josh YatesVBS Celebration Sunday - You are Loved.07-20-2014 VBS Celebrtation Service.mp3
07/06/2014Daniel SternYou Feel Inadequate Because You AreGuest Speaker7-6-2014 You Feel Inadequate Becqause You Are.mp3Video
06/29/2014Randy "Doc" JohnsonStranger Message in a Good WayGuest Speaker6-29-2014 Stranger Message in a Good Way.mp3Video
06/22/2014JJ SherwoodThe AscensionGuest Speaker6-22-2014 The Ascension.mp3Video
06/15/2014Pastor Josh Yates6-15-2014 to the Father Alone6-15-2014 to the Father Alone.mp3Video
06/08/2014Pastor Josh Yates06-8-2014 Future Tense06-8-2014 Future Tense.mp3Video
06/01/2014Dustin McClellanMy "ALL IN" DreamGuest Speaker06-01-2014 My All in Dream.mp3Video
05/25/2014Pastor Cliff PowellKeys in Practical Christial LivingGuest Speaker05-29-2014 Keys in Practial Christian Living.mp3Video
05/18/2014Pastor Steve BrownThe Year of the Lord 's FavorGuest Speaker05-18-2014 The Year Of The Lords Favor.mp3Video
05/11/2014Pastor Josh YatesSufficent SubmissionColossians: Sufficient05--11-2014 Sufficent in Submission.mp3Video
05/04/2014Pastor Josh YatesSufficient for Life: Part 2Colossians: Sufficient05-04-2014 Sufficient for Life Part 2.mp3Video
04/27/2014Pastor Josh YatesSufficient for Life Part 1Colossians: Sufficient4-27-2014 Sufficient for Life Part 1.mp3Video
04/20/2014Pastor Josh YatesGlorious GraceEaster04-20-2014 Glorious Grace.mp3Video
04/13/2014Pastor Josh YatesSufficient Truth - Week 2Colossians: Sufficient04-13-2014 Sufficient week 2.mp3Video
04/06/2014Pastor Josh YatesSufficient Savior - Week 1Colossians: Sufficient4-6-2014_Sufficient_week 1.mp3Video
03/30/2014Dustin McClellanShammahGuest Speaker04-30-2014 Shammah.mp3Video
03/23/2014Pastor JJ SherwoodBlessed and Adopted to the Praise of His GloryGuest Speaker03-24-2014 Bleased and adopted to the praise.mp3Video
03/16/2014Pastor Jim LacyThe Place of Prayer in Choosing a PastorGuest Speaker03-16-2014 the place of prayer in choosing a pastor.mp3Video
03/09/2014Cliff PowellOur Eternal HomeGuest Speaker3-9-2014 Our Eternal Home.mp3Video
03/02/2014Randy "Doc" JohnsonBuild Strong BonesGuest Speaker3-2-2014 Build Strong Bones.mp3Video
02/23/2014David SwansonA Picture of Discipleship and RevivalGuest Speaker02-23-2014 A picture of discipleship and revival.mp3Video
02/16/2014Pastor Josh YatesFresh Start: The Truth About ForgivenessFresh Start02-16-2014 The Truth about Forgiveness.mp3Video
02/09/2014Pastor Josh YatesFresh Start: The Truth About AssuranceFresh Start02-09-2014 The Truth about assurance.mp3Video
02/02/2014Pastor Josh YatesFresh Start: The Truth About SalvationFresh Start02-02-2014 The truth about salvation.mp3Video
01/26/2014Pastor Josh YatesFresh Start: The Truth About Our IdentityFresh Start1-26-2014 The Truth About Our Identity.mp3Video
01/19/2014Tim StickelThose PeopleGuest Speaker01-19-2014 One of Them.mp3Video
01/12/2014Jonathan EcksteinWarning: Fire DangerGuest Speaker1-12-2014 Follow the Light.mp3Video
01/05/2014Dr. Paul E. WilsonPray and ObeyGuest Speaker01-05-2014 How to Hear from God.mp3Video
12/29/2013Dr. Randy JohnsonSilent HeroesGuest Speaker12-29-2013 Silent Heroes.mp3Video
12/22/2013Pastor Josh YatesAdvent Week 4: The AngelsA CHRISTmas Perspective12-22-2013 Advent Week 4 - The Angels.mp3Video
12/15/2013Pastor Josh YatesAdvent Week 3: The ShepherdsA CHRISTmas Perspective12-15-2013 Advent Week 3 - Shepherds.mp3Video
12/08/2013Pastor Josh YatesAdvent Week 2: BethlehemA CHRISTmas Perspective12-8-2013 Advent Week 2 - Bethlehem.mp3Video
12/01/2013Pastor Josh YatesAdvent Week 1: The ProphetsA CHRISTmas Perspective12-1-2013 Week 1 The Prophets.mp3Video
11/24/2013Tim StickelA Little PerspectiveGuest Speaker11-24-2013 Perspective.mp3Video
11/17/2013Pastor JJ SherwoodWeak and Needy for GodGuest Speaker11-17-2013 weak and needy for God.mp3Video
11/10/2013Dr. Randy JohnsonDo You Like Jesus?Guest Speaker11-10-2013 Do You Like God.mp3Video
11/03/2013Pastor Josh YatesAfter God's Heart: The PrayerAfter God's Heart11-3-2013 The Prayer.mp3Video
10/20/2013Pastor Josh YatesAfter God's Heart: The FutureAfter God's Heart10-20-2013 The Future.mp3Video
10/13/2013Pastor Josh YatesAfter God's Heart: The FallAfter God's Heart10-13-2013 The Fall.mp3Video
10/06/2013Pastor Josh YatesAfter God's Heart: The GiantsAfter God's Heart10-06-2013 after gods heart the giants.mp3Video
09/29/2013Pastor Josh YatesAfter God's Heart: The CallAfter God's Heart09-29-2013 after Gods heart the call.mp3Video
09/22/2013Ken DockeryOur Great GodGuest Speaker9-22-13 Our Great God - Ken Dockery.mp3Video
09/15/2013Jim LacySunday School - Why the Church Looks the Way it DoesSunday School9-15-13 Why the Church Looks the Way It Does - Jim Lacy.mp3Video
09/15/2013Jim LacyThe Freedom of ForgivnessGuest Speaker9-15-13 The Freedom of Forgiveness - Jim Lacy.mp3Video
09/08/2013Jason Woolford, CRIJason Woolford9-8-13 Guest Speaker Jason Woolford.mp3Video
09/01/2013Andy LaBrecheJoseph Transitions9-1-2013 Josephs Trasitions - A LaBreche.mp3Video
08/25/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsWhat I Want for YOU08-25-2013 What I want for you.mp3Video
08/18/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsFan or Follower (Part 7)Fan or Follower08-18-2013 fan or follower part 7.mp3Video
08/11/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsFan or Follower (Part 6)Fan or Follower08-11-2013 fan or follower part 6.mp3Video
08/04/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsFan Or Follower (Part 5)Fan or Follower08-04-2013 fan or follower part 5.mp3Video
07/28/2013Pastor Denny Emmons2013 Peru Presentation07-28-2013 Salt-N-Light Plus Peru Report.mp3Video
07/21/2013Pastor Josh YatesThe Church IndividuallyBody Building07-21-2013 The Church Individually.mp3Video
07/14/2013Pastor Josh YatesThe Church at HomeBody Building07-14-2013 The Church at Home.mp3Video
07/07/2013Pastor Josh YatesBeing The ChurchBody Building07-07-2013 Being The Church.mp3Video
06/30/2013Pastor Josh YatesBecoming the ChurchBody Building06-30-2013 Becoming the Church.mp3Video
06/23/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsBaptism Video6-23-2013 The Two Ordinances.mp3Video
06/16/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsA Responsible Spiritual Leader06-16-2013 A Responsible Spiritual Leader.mp3Video
06/09/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsFan Or Follower (Part 4)Fan or Follower06-09-2013 Fan Or Follower Part 4.mp3Video
06/02/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsFan or Follower (Part 3)Fan or Follower06-02-2013 Fan or Follower Part 3.mp3Video
05/26/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsFamily Under Attack05-26-2013 Family Under Attack.mp3Video
05/19/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsFan Or Follower (Part 2)Fan or Follower05-19-2013 Fan or follower part 2.mp3Video
05/12/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsWomen (People) Who Influence Others05-12-2013 Women people who infuence others.mp3Video
05/05/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsFan Or Follower (Part 1)Fan or Follower05-05-2013 Fan or follower part 1.mp3Video
04/28/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsTaking Some Time To Reflect04-28-2013 Taking time to reflect.mp3Video
04/21/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 16)You'll get through this4-21-13 Youll Get Through This Part 16.mp3Video
04/14/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 15)You'll get through this04-14-2013 Youll get through this part 15.mp3Video
04/07/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 14)You'll get through this04-07-2013 Youll get through this part 14.mp3Video
03/31/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsHe is Risen3-31-2013 He is Risen.mp3Video
03/31/2013Hannah BrettSunrise Service Hannah Brett3-31-2013 Hannah Brett.mp3
03/24/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsChoose Your Attitude3-24-13 Choose Your Attitude.mp3Video
03/17/2013Pastor Josh YatesRestricted vs Wide-Open3-17-2013 Restricted vs Wide-Open.mp3Video
03/10/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 13)You'll get through this3-10-13 youll get through this part 13.mp3Video
03/03/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsWhat is Grace?3-3-13 What is Grace.mp3Video
02/17/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 12)You'll get through this2-17-13 youll get through this part 12.mp3Video
02/10/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsWhat is Love2-10-2013 What is Love.mp3Video
02/03/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll get through this (Part 11)You'll get through this2-3-2013 How God Deals With Our Guilt When We Won t.mp3Video
01/27/2013Crossroads Pregnancy CenterSanctity of Life Sunday1-27-13 Sancity of Life Sunday.mp3
01/20/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsGod's Spirit and YOU1-20-13 Gods Spirit and YOU.mp3
01/13/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 10)You'll get through this1-13-13 Youll get through this part 10.mp3Video
01/06/2013Pastor Denny EmmonsStarting 2013 Right1-6-13 Starting 2013 Right.mp3Video
12/30/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 9)You'll get through this12-30-12 Youll get through this part 9.mp3Video
12/09/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 8)You'll get through this12-9-12 You Will Get Through This part 8.mp3Video
12/02/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 7)You'll get through this12-2-12 Youll Get Through This Part 7.mp3Video
11/25/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsThe Work Of Christ11-25-12 The Work Of Christ.mp3
11/18/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsAttitude Of Gratitude11-18-12 Attitude of Gratitude.mp3Video
11/11/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsWheres God When I Fail11-11-12 Wheres God When I Fail.mp3
11/04/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 6)You'll get through this11-4-12 Youll get throught this part 6.mp3Video
10/28/2012GuestThe Heart Of God (Missionary Jay Fast)10-28-12 Jay Fast - The Heart of God.mp3Video
10/21/2012Guest Trends in Missions10-21-12 Tim Cole - Trends in Missions.mp3
10/21/2012GuestSeeking The Blessing (Missionary Tim Cole)10-21-12 Tim Cole Seeking for the Blessing.mp3Video
10/14/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsA Word About God10-14-12 A Word About God.mp3
10/07/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 5)You'll get through this10-7-12 Youll Get Through This part 5.mp3Video
09/30/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 4)You'll get through this9-30-12 Youll Get Through This part 4.mp3Video
09/23/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsNew Life In Christ9-23-12 New Life In Christ.mp3Video
09/16/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 3)You'll get through this9-16-12 Youll Get Through This part 3.mp3Video
09/09/2012Pastor Josh YatesWhat We Worship9-9-12 What We Worship.mp3Video
09/02/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsWhy Work9-2-12 Why Work.mp3Video
08/26/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsQuestions About Jesus8-26-12 Questions About Jesus.mp3Video
08/12/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 2)You'll get through this8-12-12 Youll Get Through This Part 2.mp3Video
08/05/2012Pastor Denny EmmonsYou'll Get Through This (Part 1)You'll get through this8-5-12 Youll Get Through This Part 1.mp3Video

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