At Gingellville Community Church (GCC), we are a community of real people who want to celebrate our relationship with Jesus Christ and to share it with others. It doesn't matter if you’re a “church veteran” or someone considering the claims of Jesus Christ for the very first time, you can fit at GCC.


Upcoming Events

    This Weeks Events

    Saturday, August 1st

    • 10:00am - Hope Warming Center Lunch Prep
    • 11:30am - DanceFIT

    Sunday, August 2nd

    • 9:45am - Worship Service
    • 11:00am - Fellowship & Sunday School

    Tuesday, August 4th

    • 6:30pm - DanceFIT

    Wednesday, August 5th

    • 10:00am - Hope Warming Center Lunch Prep
    • 6:30pm - 4:12 Youth

    Thursday, August 6th

    • 7:00pm - Worship Team Practice